Oriel College's Rhodes statue just a red herring

British students need to turn their attention to the glaring inequalities that persist in society rather than focus on removing old statues.



Chained like prisoners

People with mental health conditions in Somaliland are being forced into institutions where they face abuses such as beatings and overcrowding.


Kenya and the tradition of homophobic violence

For many LGBT people in Kenya, safety is a daily concern and the limited response by authorities means violence continues with impunity.


Gambia: Two decades of fear and repression revealed

An HRW report details how Gambia’s government commits serious human rights violations against perceived critics and political opponents.


Child mortality declining in Niger

A Nigerien blogger visits villages in Niger, investigating whether child mortality rates have improved since the commitment to the MDGs in 2000.


Bosco Ntaganda’s blood-stained path to the ICC

After evading justice for nine years, DRC rebel commander Bosco Ntaganda is facing the ICC on charges of war crimes and crimes against humanity.


Detained for a dream: Inhumane treatment in Malawi's prisons

Hundreds of African foreign nationals are detained in Malawi’s central prisons for months on end while trying to make the challenging journey to South Africa