SA climbers safe after Everest avalanche as search called off

Reports claim South African climbers are safe after the deadliest ever avalanche on Mount Everest that left at least 13 Nepalese mountain guides dead.


Hidden abuse of the UK's migrant domestic workers

HRW reveals how migrant domestic workers in the UK are subjected to serious abuses, including forced labour and physical and psychological abuse.


Southern Iraq: Let the water flow

We visited one of the world's most water-stricken areas, where the extraordinary Marsh Arabs are restoring the waterways that Saddam Hussein blocked.


Inside North Korea's death camps

Survivors of North Korea's notorious detention camps share their stories of brutality, starvation and witnessing frequent executions.


Ukraine's faces of war

It has been three months since clashes between government and protesters in Kiev. We look behind the headlines to the faces of those involved in the fight.


Syrian refugee: 'I want the life I had back'

Two photographers travelled to Jordan to capture Syrian refugees with messages on their bodies expressing thoughts on the conflict in their country.

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