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Kenya ICC suspects proclaim innocence

Staff Reporter

Prominent Kenyans named by the ICC as masterminds of the 2007-2008 post-election violence proclaimed their innocence on Wednesday.

Kenya ICC suspects proclaim innocence

Historic Kenyan coalition Cabinet sworn in

C Bryson Hull, Wangui Kanina

Kenya swore in a power-sharing government on Thursday to soothe fury over a disputed election that plunged the East African country into a bloody crisis. "Our people are now in the process of reconciliation," President Mwai Kibaki said at the ceremony, nearly four months after the December 27 poll that triggered extreme violence.

Kenya's Wangari Maathai sees war on the horizon

Staff Reporter

Kenya's political rivals are haggling over a settlement to the crisis sparked by disputed elections, but if the squabbling doesn't bear fruit, the ordinarily stable East African country risks being plunged into war, a Kenyan Nobel Peace Prize laureate warned on Thursday.

Kikuyu flee Rift Valley as homes are burned

Staff Reporter

Councillor Joseph Chelelgo said no one should call it ethnic cleansing just because his town's Kikuyu population had been burned out of their homes. For a start, he claimed, houses were razed only after hundreds of Kikuyu left Mogotio, in the heart of Kenya's strife-torn Rift Valley, for reasons he could not fathom.

Kenya opposition lead as delays raise tempers

C Bryson Hull, Tim Cocks

Kenya's opposition challenger, Raila Odinga, led on Saturday in the race to govern East Africa's largest economy but tempers flared over the slow pace of vote tallying in the incumbent's strongholds. In a third day of ballot counting, Odinga, heir of a wealthy nationalist hero, led President Mwai Kibaki.

Media: President Kibaki losing Kenya vote

Daniel Wallis, George Obulutsa

Kenyan President Mwai Kibaki trailed his main rival on Friday in the race to lead East Africa's biggest economy for the next five years, according to early tallies by local media. Partial results from three main television stations all gave opposition challenger Raila Odinga a strong lead over his former ally.

Kibaki in close fight to keep power in Kenya

C Bryson Hull, Andrew Cawthorne

Early forecasts showed Kenya's President Mwai Kibaki in a close fight on Friday with his main challenger after an election diplomats praised as smooth, despite sporadic violence and rigging claims by both sides. An exit poll gave Kibaki the lead, but partial tallies compiled by three local broadcasters put his rival, Raila Odinga, ahead in the race.

Stormy end to Kenyan election campaigns

Wangui Kanina, George Obulutsa

Kenyan police fired teargas to disperse stone-throwing supporters of the country's main presidential contenders on Monday after the candidates made a final push to win votes in a race deemed too close to call. Scuffles briefly flared shortly after President Mwai Kibaki and his opposition challenger, Raila Odinga, addressed huge rallies in the capital.

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