“Never pretend to be a love that you do not feel, for love is not ours to command!” — Alan Watts



World Merit South

Avuzwa-Kagiso Ngubo, 26, is vice president of World Merit South Africa, which is aimed at ensuring learners have access to resources, information and opportunities and connects them with experts and professionals in their field of interest.

He has changed the lives of more than 3 000 youngsters across the country through Young Men’s Talk, which tackles issues such as hygiene, consent, sexuality, gender-based violence and discrimination, and Career Day in rural communities and townships. Part of his duties at World Merit is to head, supervise and train the brand management team. Avuzwa-Kagiso is also a human rights educator at Africa Unite where he teaches communities about rights and creates a bridge between local people and refugees through skill sharing.

He is an educator-turned-mentor at Siyazingisa Primary School in Gugulethu, Cape Town, where he assists with early childhood development. Avuzwa-Kagiso fosters six former learners from Cape Town townships who come from child-headed homes. In addition, he is a volunteer at Keric, helping bridge the communication gap between Slovaks and Africans; advancing equal, quality education for all and facilitating cultural exchange.

“I was a troubled kid growing up and I didn’t fit in but a teacher invested her time in making sure I felt like I could be something, made me feel like I could amount to something, if I only kept pressing on.” This has translated into Avuzwa-Kagiso’s passion for educating and mentoring youths, making sure they “do not lose the vision of being something”.

  • Diploma in Biotechnology
  • Degree in Sports Science.

Role Model of the Year and Peer Educator of the Year, under the CPUT HIV/Aids Unit Education Programme.

You are going to do well in the future, this is temporary.

A country where more educators and psychologists are introduced to public schools which affords them the same opportunities given to the public schools. Hoping that psychology would not be limited to private schools because many of the learners in public schools are facing difficulties that make it hard for them to continue with school.

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