“Be the change you want to see.”  

This quote resonates with me a lot. It fuels my drive as a catalyst for transformative change. By challenging the status quo and taking action to create a better future for all, we can inspire others to do the same. I believe that change starts with us, and I am committed to creating positive change in the systems around me to help build a better world for everyone.


Tourism & Hospitality


Dinnyluv93 Explores

Eugenia Dinnielle Mbazo, 30, is a travel content creator for Dinnyluv93 Explores. It is her authenticity and spirit of adventure that is captivating. She promotes domestic travel through social media by travelling across the country, documenting her experiences, and sharing them to inspire people to travel and explore our beautiful country.

To support this, she won the 2022 South African Social Media Award, best travel content creator award. She has built a strong community on social media and those that she continues to inspire resort to her socials as a go-to page for anything travel related.

It goes to show how much of an influence she has in the domestic travel scene. As a travel content creator, her role is to captivate audiences with compelling and informative content about various travel destinations in and outside the country, experiences, and advice. This multifaceted position entails producing written social media posts, videos and travel photography, all aimed at inspiring others to explore our beautiful country and the rest of the world.

She also curates personalised travel itineraries by carefully considering their interests, time and budget. Another significant responsibility involves collaborating with travel and lifestyle brands. By establishing partnerships, Eugenia creates tailor-made content that aligns with their marketing objectives and appeals to their target audience.

Bcom, Financial Management, University of South Africa

South African Social Media Award for the Best Travel Personality of the Year category, 2022

As a child, my grandmother’s dedication to her day job and passion for sewing left a lasting impression on me. Watching her work tirelessly to provide for our family while pursuing her dreams inspired me to work hard and strive. She taught me the importance of never giving up on my dreams.

If I had the chance to advise my younger self, I would prioritise pursuing my passions and not be afraid of taking risks. I would encourage my younger self to believe in my potential and embrace life fully.

I would like to see a more inclusive, prosperous, and sustainable South Africa. A country that is crime free, with reduced poverty, and equality, that uses renewable energy, crime-free and that gives more opportunities to women.

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