Never be afraid of humble beginnings. 

When theburgeryardZA started it was just a plan of survival for me but it became a Landmark in our community and has created employment for 10 young/youth people and taught them skills to apply in their jobs as well.


Tourism & Hospitality


The Burger Yard

Brian Modipa, 30, is an example of how passion and perseverance go hand in hand. He has been in the culinary industry for more than 10 years, started his own restaurant in Vosloorus in the middle of a pandemic, and managed to make it a success.

What makes The Burger Yard stand out is the fact that they sell burgers and fries instead of “normal township food” such as kota, shisa nyama and vetkoek. The Burger Yard quickly became a popular spot in Kathorus. Brian believes in working with other entrepreneurs, sharing his food knowledge, and helping others in whatever way possible.

He is an inspiration to chefs and everyone who dreams of achieving their dreams with limited resources. Brian’s success shows that you don’t have to leave the township to achieve your goals and that it’s okay to pave your own path instead of following the norm. He has inspired a lot of young people to work towards their dreams, collaborate and teach others.

Brian is passionate about sharing his knowledge with new chefs and encourages them to ask questions. He also helps other entrepreneurs by sharing his experiences so that they don’t make the same mistakes. He believes that there’s enough space at the table for everyone to eat and would like Vosloorus to be known for great quality food. This dream is evident in all the meals he puts out.

  • Capsicum culinary studios
  • International diploma in culinary arts 
  • International diploma in pasty
  • International advanced management diploma in culinary arts

We (theburgeryardZA) are the first restaurant in the eastern township (specifically East Rand) to introduce high-quality

My first time watching Jamie Oliver’s The Naked Chef which used to play on SABC 3. I used to watch it every day when I came home from school and I was just blown away. That’s when I decided I want to be a chef.

Money is a slow-moving train. Perfect your craft and the reward will come.

No load-shedding. 

More jobs created.

Financial aid for higher learning for deserving students.

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