The most reliable way to predict the future is to create it- Abraham Lincoln. 

We have created a better, more sustainable way to produce fresh produce that will help feed more people more efficiently.



All Green Fresh Farming

Johan van Rooyen and Willem Wouter Dreyer are the founders of All Green Fresh Farming (Pty) Ltd  based in Potchefstroom.

They spent the past two and a half years developing an indoor vertical farming system that allows one to produce fresh produce like high-quality microgreens, leafy greens and edible flowers year-round regardless of weather conditions — without any pesticides or fertilisers and using less than 10% of the water used by traditional agriculture.

This system could revolutionise farming and help create jobs and help the environment. Johan has a distinguished record of innovation and leadership in the agricultural industry. Because of his entrepreneurial spirit and love of agriculture, Johan has built a successful company that has had a big impact on the sector.

Willem is a spirited entrepreneur who studied on an NSFAS bursary while completing his BCom in economics and international trade at North West University), working part-time and starting an award-winning business that has made a significant impact in the industry.

All Green Fresh Farming has created cutting-edge agricultural methods and technologies that have raised yields and enhanced sustainability. Johan and Willem are expanding All Green Fresh Farming and plan to start growing in more locations soon.

Johan van Rooyen –

  • BCom, Economics and International Trade (NWU)
  • Third year BCom Forensic Accounting (NWU)

Wouter Dreyer –

  • BCom Economics and International trade (NWU)

NWU Leopards Lair Business Award (2021), EDHE Central region winner and national finalist (existing business category – 2022)  & Food Lovers Seeds for Change Top 30 2023 (ongoing), and lastly Global Student Entrepreneurship Awards South African Finalists

Johan – Growing up I loved playing in the forest and have ever since had a love for nature and would like to restore it to its former glory by changing the way we farm and think about farming.

Wouter – Growing up I did not always have an easy life and I think that drove me to work as hard as I do to improve the lives of the people around me.

You learn more from listening than talking and if you are ever the smartest person in the room you are in the wrong room.

South Africa is the gateway to Africa and has amazing potential as an emerging market and its story has only just started. I think in five years we will start to see enormous economic growth that will help build our country into a first-world nation. We have the people and the knowledge and BRICS Plus will allow us the platform to show our potential internationally. We will start seeing a decline in unemployment and a rise in economic investment and growth. South Africans have endured a lot and that taught us how to adapt and improve and find a solution rather than add to the problem and I think that will show soon, especially as the rainbow generation grows up and now enters the workforce.

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