“There is no peace,” says the Lord, “for the wicked.” — Isaiah 48:22




Black African and Beautiful (BAAB) Media Group Media Group

Zintle Ramano, 28, is an entrepreneur who believes that the future is digital. She founded the Black African and Beautiful (BAAB) Media Group, a 100% black and woman-owned business, in 2018.

The digital marketing company generates traffic in more than 27 countries on four continents. The firm’s aim is to assist its users to understand the importance of digitisation to elevate and professionalise their brand through digital marketing.

The company has done pro-bono and commissioned work with various companies. It is also the official digital media sponsor for the Women’s Economic Assembly, a multi-stakeholder platform for deliberate action, which was co-signed by President Ramaphosa.

Zintle has two diplomas in hospitality management, a BA in global business management and attended an entrepreneurship programme at the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs. She travelled all over the world with her mother who made sure she kept a travel journal.

“I revisit those journals and that has spurred me to achieve and know that we are not limited to the borders and walls of where we come from.” Zintle became a mother 11 months ago, “who is my purpose” and this has driven her to excel. She aims to be an innovator and leader in the digitisation of the world.

  • Two diplomas in hospitality management, Business Hotel and Management School, Lucerne, Switzerland 
  • BA in global business management, Robert Gordon University, Aberdeen, Scotland
  • Entrepreneurship programme at the Academy for Women Entrepreneurs, sponsored by the US embassy in collaboration with the Africa Women Innovation and Entrepreneurship Forum (AWIEF). She was one of 1000 applicants chosen in South Africa.

  • Appeared in publications such as Art Basel, Sheer World Wide, Luxe Radar Media and MoreBranches Media 
  • A global TEDx speaker​ 
  • A member of various voluntary organisations: part of the founding committee and head of Digital Conversations (2021), co-head IDEAL Entrepreneurship (2022) at the International Women’s Forum‘s Young Leaders Connect (YCL) IDEAL programme; South African Brics Youth Association member; and former committee member of UN Women Generation Equality Forum under the action coalition of Tech Innovation & Gender Equality ​ 
  • Through YLC-IDEAL she has attended the Institute of Directors South Africa’s Being a Director, a three-part course (2020)
  • Graduated in Entrepreneurship at the Stellenbosch Graduate Institute (2021)

A collection of memories really. My mother taught me that there are two things that can never be taken away from you and that is your education and your memories. This is why a lot of my childhood was composed of travelling all over the world. She made sure we had books to read on the plane and a travel journal to document each journey. I revisit those journals now and see how I perceived the world as a child versus how I perceive it now. That has spurred me to achieve and know that we are not limited to the borders and walls of where we come from.

You’re beautiful. The world has not caught up to your type of beauty. A young dark-skinned black girl but, they will eventually. Don’t be hard on yourself, your skin tone and your body type. You are beautiful. Love yourself and bloom.

Economically viable for all black people. Economically reliable for all women. Socially safe for the girl child. Most importantly, being a key innovator and leader in the digitisation of the world.

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