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Andile Buthelezi


Financial Services

Organisation / Company

Sentio Capital


Andile Buthelezi, 31, heads the resources sector as part of the investment team at Sentio Capital. He is an equity analyst covering publicly listed companies across global financial markets. The job involves creating investment portfolios for clients by analysing listed companies, building financial models and meeting management teams. He also participates in client pitches and report-back presentations. In addition, Andile contributes to business media platforms such as NewzRoom Afrika and Business Day TV, where he provides live commentary on the business world and economics, as well as companies’ financial results. An achievement he is proud of is being named one of the top five in South Africa’s Top Stock Pickers by the Daily Investor in 2022. “Being one of the younger names on the list, the recognition was one I was very proud of as it showed that age is irrelevant in a merit-based system,” he says. Outside of work he is part of a group of professionals who mentor matrics at St David’s Marist Inanda in Johannesburg, giving them knowledge, guiding them and equipping them to contribute positively to society and achieve their career goals.


BCom Financial Management Sciences, University of Pretoria.
CFA CharterHolder, CFA Institute.


In 2022, I was named one of the top 5 of South Africa’s Top Stock Pickers by the Daily Investor (
Being one of the younger names on the list, the recognition was one I was very proud of as it showed that age is irrelevant in a merit-based system. The companies I had chosen as stock picks live on air on Business Day TV, and after conducting extensive research on them, earned me this accolade. The share prices of the stocks I picked went up in value, meaning that, had potential investors bought the shares of the companies I picked, they would have generated positive investment returns for themselves.

The main lesson learned from this achievement is that there is no substitute for hard work. The work I put into analysing and valuing these companies before presenting them as investment ideas gave me the confidence to highlight them as potential opportunities.

The one other major lesson I was reminded of through this process is that I shouldn’t be afraid to go against the grain and be contrarian. The best investment returns are generated when you are brave enough to go against what is conventional and generally accepted. This is a universal concept that is also applicable to life in general.


Yes. One of the key ones I would point to is Keillen Ndlovu, who is the former Head of the Listed Property franchise at Stanlib (Where I started my career). While I was at Stanlib, Keillen always made time for coffee catch-ups that would include him giving me insight on certain aspects of the investment management industry and what steps to consider taking on my journey. Sometimes we would just discuss the current state of the listed property investments space and where the potential opportunities lie. These conversations always left me inspired and energised to keep pursuing a career in this industry. Another one I would point to is Bonang Mohale. I have never met him, but I have followed his work and teachings from afar. The one thing I continue to admire about him is his willingness to get involved and contribute positively to society at large. I also subscribe to the concept of Lift As You Rise, which is the title of the book that covers some of the speeches he has given over the years and his thoughts on leadership in general. The concept of “lifting as I rise” is one that I try to live by on my journey. Whenever I can, I will try to open doors for younger professionals coming through the ranks. I speak to them about my journey and how I have navigated certain situations in my career so far. Everyone’s journey is different, so I try to veer away from actively advising younger professionals to explicitly do “x”. However, in telling my story, it is my hope that there are certain aspects that they can pick up on which will help them on their individual journeys.