“We must all suffer one of two things; the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.”

Zama Dikana


Financial Services

Organisation / Company

Old Mutual


Zama Dikana, 32, is a regional manager at Old Mutual and leads a team of six business managers, who each have teams of about 20 financial planners. The region is among the biggest in the country with about 10  000 clients and R11 billion in assets under management. Zama is also a member of the regional executive committee and the provincial management board and contributes towards the leadership, direction and sales strategy of the region. His main responsibilities include setting the region’s business plan targets, sales and recruitment strategies, market share and client retention strategies. Zama is also accountable for compliant financial advice practices, risk management and operations. He works collaboratively across different distribution channels to optimise synergies and opportunities. The one achievement Zama is most proud of is being the youngest regional manager in the biggest tied distribution channel in the industry. He was entrusted with the responsibility of leading one of the biggest regions in the country, which included some of the most successful financial planners in the industry. Zama is also involved in upliftment programmes through the provincial management board, most of which are school projects and financial literacy programmes.


BCom Accounting, University of the Free State
BCom Taxation Honours, University of the Free State
Post Graduate Diploma in Financial Planning Law, University of the Free State
National Certificate in Financial Markets and Instruments, Full Value Financial Services


I have been blessed to have been appointed as the youngest and first black person in all of my previous jobs at Old Mutual. This is a career trend that I am very proud of.
Having been in the job now for two and a half years, I am proud to say that I have led the region with a great deal of success. We have grown sales, improved talent retention, increased market share and currently have Old Mutual’s most valuable financial planner.
Some of the lessons I have learned is that we all need someone who believes you and is willing to give you a chance. Always remain teachable. Do not be afraid to say when you do not have the answer. You will always have to choose between the pain of discipline or the pain of regret.


I have been blessed with many mentors and role models that have had a positive influence on my life and career. My father epitomises discipline and focus. These are some of his attributes that have inspired me the most. He is able to put emotions aside and do what needs to be done. In terms of mentors, I will highlight one manager who gave me my first career breakthrough opportunity. At the age of 24 he gave me an opportunity that would propel the trajectory of my career. He displayed unwavering faith in me and allowed me the opportunity to learn, fail and succeed. He is still a mentor of mine, and someone I consult regarding career opportunities and problems.