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Arno Jansen van Vuuren


Financial Services

Organisation / Company

Futurewise Education


Arno Jansen van Vuuren, 35, is the chief operating officer of Futurewise Education, a black-owned financial services provider that aims to create innovative financial solutions that ensure access to education. His work entails control and oversight of all processes in the company. Arno’s forward-thinking mindset is evident in the innovative products that foster financial inclusion and enable people to reach their educational dreams. Futurewise Education focuses on life insurance for education and has a savings plan for future education costs. The company also has a learning hub and has partnered with others in the education sector to build a learning ecosystem for parents and learners. Arno notes that financial inclusion has never been this high on the agenda of the insurance sector but things are changing, particularly with the rise of niche providers and startups. A personal achievement he recalls is that during the Covid-19 lockdown, a period of isolation, he found solace and inspiration when he started an Instagram page for his poetry, which connected him to a community of 5  000 like-minded people. Arno says the fulfilment from this unexpected source inspires him to try new things and keep learning.


Bcom Actuarial Science, Stellenbosch University
Bcom Actuarial Science Honours, Stellenbosch University


With the world at a standstill, during the pandemic, I started an Instagram page to write poetry and share my thoughts and experiences. This quickly evolved into a thriving community. Before I knew it, I had amassed about 5,000 followers. This journey was incredibly rewarding and taught me so much. Consistency was key; by posting regularly, I kept my audience engaged and interested.
I also learned the importance of adaptability. I experimented with different types of content, hashtags and posting times, constantly tweaking my approach based on what resonated most with my audience. This not only improved my page’s reach but also deepened my understanding of my followers’ preferences and interests.
Overall, growing my Instagram page during such a challenging time was a significant personal achievement. It not only allowed me to express myself creatively but also connected me with a supportive community of like-minded individuals.


I have had so many people along the way who have believed in me and taught me important lessons. There have been a few very influential teachers and bosses over the years but the people who have had the biggest effect on my life is without a doubt my parents.