“Success is not final, failure is not fatal: It is the courage to continue that counts.” — Winston Churchill

Greg Hall


Technology & Innovation

Organisation / Company

Aregnum Solutions


Greg Hall, 25, heads up all the product development, new ideas, innovation and turning ideas into reality at Aregnum Solutions, where he is the chief technology officer. An achievement he is most proud of was creating a comprehensive system that integrates all aspects of estate management, including communication, security and efficiency in gated communities. The platform allows estate staff to manage facilities, communicate with residents and handle emergencies effectively, while residents benefit from access to community news and a panic button for immediate assistance. Through this project he learned the importance of user-centric design and cross-functional team collaboration. Greg has a drive to innovate and create solutions that improve people’s lives and enhance community interactions. He says building strong relationships and collaborating with diverse teams are key to innovation. A challenge Greg faces is keeping up with the rapid pace of technological change. He believes that as digital natives, young people are well positioned to champion the integration of technology in education. They can advocate for and contribute to educational reforms that equip future generations with the skills needed for the modern economy.


BComm, Stellenbosch University


One of the most significant achievements I am proud of is the successful development and launch of our community management solutions (CMS) platform. As the chief technology officer, I spearheaded this project from its conceptualisation to implementation.

The CMS project involved several key innovations, including real-time communication, a facility booking system and advanced security functionalities such as visitor management and incident reporting.

Ensuring the platform was intuitive and responsive across various devices was crucial, as it significantly improved user adoption and satisfaction. Moreover, this project highlighted the importance of data security and legal compliance, reinforcing our commitment to safeguarding user information and adhering to industry regulations.


Philip Robinson (chief executive, co-founder, and friend) has been a pivotal influence on my journey. His leadership and strategic thinking have been invaluable. Philip’s ability to see the big picture while maintaining attention to detail has taught me the importance of balancing innovation with practical execution. His commitment and his ability to inspire the team have driven us to achieve milestones. On a personal level, his friendship and mentorship have provided me with guidance and support, helping me navigate both professional and personal challenges with confidence.

Pierre de Villiers (co-founder and friend) has also played a significant role in shaping my career. Pierre’s technical expertise and problem-solving skills are exemplary, and working alongside him has enhanced my own technical acumen. His collaborative approach and dedication to fostering a positive team environment have been instrumental in our success. Pierre’s resilience and ability to tackle complex challenges head-on have inspired me to persist through difficulties and remain focused on our goals. His friendship has been a source of motivation and encouragement, enriching both my professional journey and personal growth.