“I come as one, But Stand as ten thousand.” – Maya Angelou

Lorato Ntsie


Technology & Innovation

Organisation / Company

MAP 5D Afrika


Lorato Ntsie is the managing director and civil engineer technologist at MAP 5D Afrika, where she consults for the construction and mining sector in structural design, inspections, project progress monitoring, quantity surveying, infrastructure baseline audit with drones and laser scanners, digitising and creating internal and external 2D and 3D models, and facilitates the training of digital engineers. The 35-year-old holds a national diploma in civil engineering and BTech from the University of Johannesburg. Lorato has collaborated with CYPE Software, an AEC software developer headquartered in Spain, as its distributor and trainer. Additionally, she is a board member for Task Africa, an NGO based in Rwanda to assist in digital advancement in Africa. In that capacity, she sources funds for borehole water in rural areas. Lorato envisions that the African continent will make great advancements in digital technologies as the years pass. For her, travelling around the world has widened her perspective, by witnessing the effect of technology and realising the work that still needs to be done for Africa to move towards a digital future.


National Diploma: Civil Engineering,
B-Tech: Civil Engineering, University of Johannesburg


Collaborating with CYPE Software, an AEC software developer headquartered in Spain as their distributor and trainer. Lesson: I am learning to push even when it’s hard. Ask for an opportunity and follow through.
I have travelled to East Africa training in Building Information Modelling (BIM) for Engineering Institutions in South Africa, Rwanda, Uganda and Tanzania.
I am also a board member for Task Africa, an NGO based in Rwanda that assists in digital advancement in Africa.


My late older brother Tshupetso Ditiro Ntsie. He pushed me into engineering with dreams of taking over his construction company, only to transition months before my graduation and leave me to fend for ourselves.
And my late mentor, Johan de Koker.