“Genius is 1% inspiration and 99% perspiration.” — Thomas Edison

Fanelesibonge Mbuyazi


Technology & Innovation

Organisation / Company



Fanelesibonge Mbuyazi, 26, is a software engineer at MultiChoice. Her job encompasses coding and leveraging artificial intelligence for business optimisation. Fanelesibonge spearheads the corporate social investment (CSI) projects for DSTV Media Sales. Last year, she successfully executed one CSI initiative and is currently overseeing the planning and execution of four more initiatives. In 2022, she became a Black Women in Science Fellow. In 2023, she represented South Africa at the Brics Future Skills for Mobile App Development competition. In 2022, with her experience as a software engineer, she made a VR film and AR app for the Fakugesi African Digital & Innovation Festival. Fanelesibonge is the founder of a start-up called Seen, which addresses challenges for photographers and videographers, streamlining client connections, project management and financial security. The start-up’s mission, sponsored by Telkom, JP Morgan and the Embassy of Ireland, is to empower creatives, particularly those from disadvantaged backgrounds. She believes that by empowering young people with education, opportunities and resources, we can harness their potential to build a more inclusive, prosperous and equitable future for all South Africans.



BA in Computer Science, Film and Television, Media and Writing, University of Cape Town

BA (Hons) in Digital Arts, University of Witwatersrand

Currently enrolled at Stellenbosch Business School


In 2023, I represented South Africa at the Brics Future Skills for Mobile App Development competition. I was also chosen as a Black Women in Science Fellow for 2022, which was a huge honour. It showed the importance of having different kinds of people from different backgrounds in science. In 2022, I got to show off my talents by making a VR film and AR app, at the Fakugesi African Digital & Innovation Festival. These experiences taught me that my dreams are not just for me—they also open doors for others who come after me.



My biggest inspiration and mentor has been my mother. She was the first in her family to graduate, overcoming tremendous challenges growing up during apartheid times. Her resilience, determination, and unwavering belief in education have shaped my values and fueled my drive to overcome obstacles in pursuit of my goals.