“Whatever you do, do it well. Do it so well that when people see you do it, they will want to come back and see you do it again, and they will want to bring others and show them how well you do what you do.” — Walt Disney

Hlobisile Bathabile Yende



Organisation / Company

The Yende and Partners (Pty)


Hlobisile Bathabile Yende is the director of The Yende and Partners, and her job is to manage the daily business operations, mentor full-time female trainees on their farm, Nooitegedacht in the Heidelberg area of Gauteng, and oversee marketing to ensure strong brand positioning. She also looks for new business opportunities. To ensure their clients’ needs are met, Hlobisile supervises the quality control manager. Her top accomplishment is introducing a third dry land crop, butternuts, which secured contracts with two major retailers. Innovative farming techniques and efficient water management practices had to be implemented to ensure the crop’s success. The 28-year-old’s other achievement is obtaining accreditation for their student programme, which involves mentoring female trainees in agriculture. Additionally, Hlobisile has produced an agricultural book for children, which she says taught her “the importance of early education and the effect of storytelling in inspiring the next generation of farmers”. She says her achievements are inspired by a desire to practise sustainable agriculture, the drive to empower women in the agricultural sector and the importance of encouraging the next generation of farmers.


Bachelor of Social Science, Monash University South Africa 
Bachelor of Social Science (Honours), Monash University South Africa
Business and Management Development, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Tshwane
Corteva Women in Agriculture 2023, Gordon Institute of Business Science, University of Tshwane
Master of Philosophy in Arts, The Independent Institute of Education
AWIEF Growth Accelerator Programme 2024


One of my proudest achievements is the successful introduction of butternuts as our third crop on dry land, which led to securing contracts with two major retailers in South Africa. This milestone demonstrated our business’s growth potential and enhanced our diversification model. Through this project, I learned the importance of adaptability and the benefits of exploring new markets to ensure long-term sustainability.

Another significant achievement is the accreditation of our student programme, which won the Training Initiative of the Year at the South African Agric Awards. This accolade recognises our dedication to nurturing female mentees into commercial farmers, highlighting the effect of comprehensive training and mentorship. This taught me the value of investing in human capital and the long-term benefits of empowering future leaders in agriculture.

Additionally, our business placed third in the Womenpreneur Her Perfect Pitch competition out of 539 female-led businesses in South Africa. This achievement underscored the significance of our work and provided invaluable exposure, opening doors to new opportunities and markets. Through this, I learned the importance of persistence, the power of networking, and the critical role of visibility in business success.

Finally, I am particularly proud of the birth of my agricultural kiddies book. This project not only promotes agricultural education among young children but also reflects our commitment to community engagement and knowledge sharing.


Yes, several mentors have profoundly influenced my journey. Having mentors aligned with my goals and dreams has been crucial to my success.  

Duncan Serapelwane, a legendary Bonsmara stud breeder, is my livestock mentor. His expertise and guidance have been invaluable as I aspire to reach similar heights in livestock breeding.  

Nic Basson from AFGRI, whom I met through the Afgri Lemang programme, mentors me in grains. His insights and experience have helped me navigate the complexities of grain farming.  

Sophy Musibeni introduced me to crop farming and has been instrumental in my understanding and growth in this area.  

Tukisang Senne, an all-rounder mentor from the Corteva Women in Agriculture programme, provides comprehensive support and guidance across various aspects of my farming operations.  

These mentors have not only shared their knowledge and experience but have also inspired and motivated me to excel in my endeavours. Their support has been instrumental in overcoming challenges and achieving my goals.