“Do not judge me by my successes, judge me by how many times I fell down and got back up again.” — Nelson Mandela

Masello Mokhoro



Organisation / Company

Starlicious Enterprises


Masello Mokhoro, 25, dreamed of becoming a farmer but people discouraged her, saying it would not succeed. Instead, Masello started Starlicious Enterprises in Bultfontein in the Free State with just 50 chicks and four pigs in the family’s backyard and on communal municipal land. After two years she had 100 chicks and more than 50 pigs. After knocking on multiple doors and pitching as to how the business is worthy and guaranteed to succeed, Masello was able to secure a lease for two hectares of land. She is responsible for running the entire business, including looking after the animals. She is responsible for placing orders for day-old chicks, feed, vaccinations and making payments. Additionally, she manages the records of animal performance, sales, marketing and finances.  Masello’s success has been recognised; in 2022 she was selected as one of the Free State’s top 50 most influential youth and the Graca Machel Foundation, Women Creating Wealth programme this year. Her achievements are inspired by her childhood. When her mother could not get work as a seasonal farm worker and the social grant was not enough, Masello began selling sweets and snacks at school. “This is what built the entrepreneurial spirit in me,” she says. 


National Diploma in Agricultural Management, Central University of Technology 
Advanced Diploma in Agricultural Management, Central University of Technology 
Postgraduate Diploma in Agricultural Management, Central University of Technology


Starlicious Enterprises started with just an idea. Every time I pitched the idea of wanting to start keeping animals and grow into a commercial farmer, people laughed. It hasn’t been easy and a lot was learnt and is still being learnt. The project grew so that I have been able to support my family, put me through school and become known in our community. The project has taught me great lessons such as being persistent, constant, committed and dedicated to what I do. Through all the storms, it has taught me that giving up is not an option, no matter what. With the onset of Covid-19, we could not stock up on chicks and theft almost crippled us on the side of the pigs, but we made it through. I’ve received a lot of criticism and negative comments on meddling in a “man’s world”. That has never broken me down; instead, it has just kept me going. I’ve remained committed to seeing the business succeed and grow.


Yes. Mr Makoae took me in on his farm for my practical year when most farmers turned me down because they thought girl students were problematic. Mme Priscilla Twala, who runs a successful piggery business. Mbali Mwoko is a young female farmer making waves in the agricultural sector. Dieketseng Mahlelehle is also a successful young livestock farmer who has shown that women can succeed in the agricultural sector. Ntate Nkoi, the local LED officer who believed in me and my business after having pitched it multiple times to different officers and always encourages me to never give up. Most importantly, my mother, who single-handedly raised me, helps me where she can with the business and has allowed me to turn our home into a farmstead, with all the smelly animal waste, animal medications and chemicals, strangers coming in and out of our home to purchase. All these people make it hard to quit because their stories show endless possibilities to succeed.