“I am receptive to all the goodness and abundance that God has to offer.” — Jennifer Lopez

Koketso Kgogome



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Nounouche Magazine


Koketso Kgogome, 28, began her career by studying law, but soon realised it was not for her. She made a vow that her next career would be enjoyable, and sure enough, it’s all about basketball. During Covid she and her friends launched The Fastbreak Podcast that featured exclusive interviews with renowned basketball players, which caught the attention of her present employers. These days she produces content for 22Ours, is a lifestyle and basketball contributor for Nounouche magazine and is a basketball analyst on The Morning Show for eTV and 5FM. Through these various jobs she explores and analyses the sport and the culture that surrounds it, and shares her expertise with audiences.

Koketso is also involved in covering events such as the The Basketball Africa League playoffs and the Afrogrames, and she’s helping to produce The Quantum Football Show for Showmax. Koketso is excited about how new technologies are changing the way audiences watch and enjoy basketball — Showmax recently aired the Premier League on mobile devices, and digital platforms are providing more avenues for fans to interact on.


National Senior Certificate, Pretoria High School for Girls
Touch HD programme


I take immense pride in having launched the The Fastbreak Podcast with my peers during the challenging era of Covid-related unemployment. It facilitated exclusive interviews with influential basketball figures such as Thabo Sefolosha, Evans Ganapamo, and Zaire Wade, son of Dwayne Wade. The podcast quickly caught the attention of The Morning Show on eTV, leading to my roles as a basketball analyst and content producer. This exposure opened doors for me to become a basketball analyst on eNCA, Visionview Sports, and the NBA Africa WNBA show Watching The W. In addition I had the privilege of covering the inaugural Basketball Africa League in South Africa this year.

These achievements impressed my current employers at 22Ours and Nounouche, leading to me working with them now.

I am also proud to be the first female basketball coach at Pretoria Boys High School, where my team remained undefeated in its inaugural year. Coaching deepened my love for the game and provided a unique perspective, nurturing my younger self through the dedication of the players. This experience enhanced my insights as an analyst, offering me valuable perspectives on South African basketball consumption.


Katlego Malatji is the founder and former chief executive of HomeComing Events, and currently the director of legal and business development at Sony Music Entertainment. He gave me my first job in the entertainment industry as an intern at HomeComing Events, where I learned the power of faith in God through him. We prayed before and after events, and in moments of doubt, he would turn to prayer. He also boosted my confidence in my skills and abilities, affirming my place in the creative and entertainment space. He encouraged me to use the company to reach my professional goals, just as the company was utilising my talents to achieve theirs.

Volo Ganca is the founder and managing director of 22Ours. Although I’ve only worked with him for two months, he has already taught me that anyone can run their own business and lead with love. He treats everyone as equals and allows them to be their authentic selves at work. Volo is an excellent communicator, always striving to understand others and resolve misunderstandings by identifying and addressing the root of the problem. His approach to leadership and communication has been an invaluable lesson for me.

Masefako Rebecca Kgogome, my mother, has taught me to lead with love and kindness. She is the most caring person I know, showing immense compassion even to those who have wronged her. My mom cares for everyone, regardless of their relationship to her, as long as they are living. Witnessing her kindness has instilled in me the importance of treating everyone with love, respect and kindness. Because of her, I accept people as they are and strive to understand their perspectives, which has made my life easier and more pleasant.