“Every man gets to choose his destiny, no matter what his father did.” — Bernie Mac

Komani Dhlamini



Organisation / Company

Completeman Building Solutions


Komani Dhlamini, 31, owns and runs Completeman Building Solutions, which offers a unique and innovative service called the Handyman Plan. Clients receive dedicated handyman hours with a monthly subscription, ensuring reliable and professional maintenance and repair services to their homes and businesses. As the owner, Komani manages the daily operations, focusing on delivering exceptional service and expanding the client base. The company’s mission is to simplify property maintenance through a convenient and cost-effective solution, enabling clients to have peace of mind knowing that their property needs are in good hands. Komani says an achievement he is proud of is the way the business is growing. In November 2023, the product was launched in KwaZulu-Natal and this has been a success, generating just over 10 subscriptions a month. Now he is seeking investment to grow the business further and enhance its offerings. Komani says it has not been an easy journey, particularly in the beginning when he started the venture, about which he did not know much. But he overcame this by “constantly feeding yourself positive thoughts”. Komani hopes that Completeman Building Solutions can open a training academy where young people can learn these skills and work for themselves.


BA Public Management and Governance, University of Johannesburg
BCom Law, The University of South Africa


The business is growing at just over 15 subscriptions a month. If maintained, this kind of growth will see us being one of, if not the biggest home maintenance companies in South Africa within the next few years. This achievement is ongoing and will never stop. We are grateful for every client who believes in this product.


There have been so many mentors and role models. I won’t mention names but they have helped me not only materialistically but with the intangibles. I speak for everyone when I say the worst part about going on a journey that is bumpy and full of challenges is the feeling that you are going through it alone. Mentors are people who show you that you are not alone, and they’ve been there and done that.