“It’s not about the cards you’re dealt, but how you play the hand.” — Randy Pausch

Harry Scherzer



Organisation / Company

Future Forex


Harry Scherzer, 31, co-founded Future Forex in 2020, and with his business partner has grown the company to a team of more than 70 professionals across the country. As chief executive, he leads Future Forex’s growth, business development and strategic direction, while building relationships with clients and partners. He is particularly proud of the success of Future Forex’s crypto arbitrage investment product, which has processed more than R25 billion, resulting in about R290 million earned by clients. One of the Future Forex initiatives Harry is excited about is its online forex platform. “This project is a culmination of extensive research, design and development, aimed at enhancing the way businesses and individuals transfer money into and out of South Africa,” he says. He aims to develop new products and solutions that not only advance the financial services industry, but enhance transparency, efficiency and service delivery. The youth are the future leaders and workforce, so Harry believes investing in their education, skills development and entrepreneurial aspirations is vital to boost economic empowerment and sustainable development.



Bachelor of Business Science (Actuarial Science), University of Cape Town, 2016.

Qualified as a Fellow of the Actuarial Society of South Africa (FASSA), 2019.


Along with the pride I feel in the team I’ve built, having grown Future Forex to a team of over 70 talented, dedicated and innovative professionals across the country, I am particularly proud of the success of Future Forex’s crypto arbitrage investment product. Having processed over R25 billion to date for our clients, resulting in over R290 million earned by our clients, crypto arbitrage continues to significantly outperform traditional investments, such as the JSE All Share index or the S&P 500. We have been able to deliver exceptional returns for our clients. It is immensely rewarding to see how many South Africans we’ve been able to assist in boosting their investment portfolios.  
I feel a great sense of achievement in being able to have a team of talented and highly impressive professionals who have shared and believed in my vision to build something truly exceptional, transparent and which always puts clients first.


One of the most significant sources of inspiration on my journey has been Simon Sinek, particularly his “Start with Why” TED Talk. Sinek’s idea that successful brands don’t just focus on what they do, but rather why they do it, resonated deeply with me and my business partner. Simon’s philosophy was transformative for us as we built Future Forex. We drew from his insights to ensure that our company’s foundation was not merely about the services we offer, but about the core belief that drives us: we’re committed to providing exceptional service to our clients and making a meaningful impact. Sinek’s approach has profoundly influenced the way we operate, making “why” the centrepiece of our mission and driving everything we do at Future Forex.