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Prudence Ramotso



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Prudent Fashion


Prudence Ramotso, 32, is the founder and chief executive of Prudent Fashion, a store that specialises in footwear and sunglasses. Prudence started the business in 2019, after resigning from her job as a telesales marketer, because of her love for heels. She makes the decisions regarding designs she wants to bring to the store, manages stock, arranges deliveries to clients and deals with suppliers. Prudence also arranges collaborations and draft proposals, attends interviews and is involved in marketing to get the brand out there. She also arranges photo shoots and pop-up stores. Prudence says she has always loved heels because they gave her confidence. She was inspired to start her business by a teenage memory: she had to wear school shoes when she won Miss Festive at the age of 15, because her parents couldn’t afford to buy her heels. A proud moment for Prudence was when she won the Female Founders Initiative Global 2022 female-owned retail brand of the year award. And in 2023 she came in the top four in the best footwear category in the Youth Owned Brands awards. Prudence’s interest extends beyond heels; she is the co-founder of an NGO that provides underprivileged children with food and clothes.



Electrical infrastructure, Sedibeng College

Regulatory exam (RE5), Financial Planning Institute 

Office practice and computing, National Computer College


I won the female-owned retail brand of the year award presented by the Female Founders Initiative Global in 2022; that was a proud moment. I was also invited as a guest speaker at the awards ceremony hosted in Dubai and my brand got recognition. From this experience I learned that as the brand owner you are a representative of your brand and you must always be ready and open-minded for business opportunities. In 2023, I made it to the top four best footwear category up against big brands like Bathu in the Youth Owned Brands Awards. I have learned that you must always be authentic and true to yourself about your brand and offer the best products and services at all times because you don’t know who is watching your progress. I also learned that never compete, run in your own lane at your pace and be effective at the same time. 

I am co-founder of an NGO where we give underprivileged children food and clothes. This project is very close to my heart because seeing a child that was abandoned smiling and happy for the little that we give them warms my heart. I believe every child deserves to be happy and eat healthy food without asking for it. This experience is teaching me to be grateful everyday for my parents, and makes me happy to know that I make a difference in the community. 

In 2023 Prudent was a sponsor for Mrs Universe Africa. It was an honour to see women embracing their bodies and not looking down on themselves after giving birth or getting married instead of going after their dreams of modelling. For me to see the winners excited when receiving my Prudent heels was a proud moment. 
I was interviewed by Moflava on the Morning show on Metro FM. The comments by the audience were amazing; people loved the products and my packaging. They also loved that my shoes’ names are engraved on them.


My mentor Dr Talifhani Banks influenced my journey by believing in me and the brand. He always told me that I am capable and as a woman in this male dominated industry I know women struggle with shoes more than men and should use that to my advantage. He owns an advertising analytics company and his knowledge in marketing has influenced my journey positively. He recommends great business books that are so helpful and he refers me to his connections when needed.