“Do the verb, instead of trying to be the noun.” – Ryan Holiday

Nadine De Mink


Civil Society

Organisation / Company

BVi Consulting Engineers


Nadine de Mink, 32, is a geometric design technologist at BVi Consulting Engineers. Her job entails creating engineering solutions to provide access to and improve the transportation systems for people and goods in rural and urban areas . She aims to develop an interconnected society to reach equity, efficiency, safety and sustainability. Nadine is completing a master’s programme, something that she considers both a challenge and an achievement. She had to overcome initial fears of entering the programme and once she was accepted, she says she learned to trust herself and her capabilities. Nadine’s career objectives are inspired by her desire to share knowledge with others. She is a member of the Women in the Built Environment programme and a volunteer committee member of the South African Institution of Civil Engineering project management and construction division and the Grow a University Pillar. She hopes to use her knowledge of engineering solutions to make real, infrastructural changes that help people. “The thing that excites me most about this is that I can make actual, positive contributions to society and at the same time I will be able to share my knowledge with young people, which will hopefully influence the industry in the future,” she says.



National Diploma in Civil Engineering, Cape Peninsula University of Technology

BTech in Civil Engineering, Cape Peninsula University of Technology


Most recently, as part of my application to a Master’s programme, I conducted independent research and drafted a proposal that resulted in me being accepted. It was scary to start, not knowing whether I had the skill to be able to define a clear need for the study to be undertaken. This might seem like a small achievement, but through this process, I learned to trust myself and my capabilities. Drawing on experiences and honing both transferable and technical skills, solidified that I am not only responsible but also in control of my journey. Going through this process showed me how to set clear goals, and to  understand habits I needed to persevere and accomplish whatever I set my mind to.


I am fortunate to have many mentors and role models who have influenced my journey. Each invoked lessons in both personal and professional growth and has instilled courage in me to seek out challenges and face them head-on. One mentor in particular is Paul Levy, who guided me when I needed it most even though he had no incentive to do so.