“Never underestimate the power of a small group of committed people to change the world. In fact, it is the only thing that ever has.” — Margaret Mead.

Shanét Le Grange


Civil Society

Organisation / Company

Just Share


Shanét le Grange, 35, is an operations manager and executive assistant at JustShare. She is responsible for front office management, where she provides administrative and logistical support to the executive director and the team. JustShare is a shareholder activist organisation that advocates for a more inclusive, resilient and sustainable economy, and brings civil society together to hold corporations and government to account and create change for South Africa. The organisation seeks to create an inclusive, sustainable economy that prioritises social justice and the well-being of all. Shanét says her contribution to the company brings her satisfaction because it is an indication that she is helping the country’s economy become stronger and sustainable. She is a keen learner and is motivated by the little changes she can make in her community and her work, and believes that everyone else can also make a difference through small means and gestures. Looking ahead, she says South Africa’s youth have to upskill and bring fresh and new perspectives to old problems, and that if the country wants to move forward, it needs to include more young people in decision-making and policy setting to carve out a future that’s more enabling for the youth themselves.



Management, Boston Business College

Certificate in internet marketing strategy, GetSmarter, which is accredited by the University of Cape Town.


My work ethic has been recognised by many companies that I have worked at. I have received Top Performer Awards over the last few years: in 2013, I worked closely with the marketing manager of Citi Hopper as we entered the company into the Emerging Tourism Entrepreneur of the Year Award competition, which recognises excellence in black-owned small businesses and Citi Hopper won the award that year. It was a tremendous amount of work but as a team we accomplished it.


I have to say that our executive director, Tracey Davies, and the whole Just Share team has had the most recent and profound effect on my journey for the past five years. I am grateful to work with trusted thought-leaders, influential and high-skilled people ho go above and beyond their line of duty to see a just society. They are courageous, professional, empathetic, strategic and have an excellent work ethic like no other producing quality results. I am honoured and humbled to work with the amazing team that I do. I learn from my colleagues and happily endeavour to support them in the important and meaningful work that they do which brings change in our country.