“It always seems impossible until it’s done.” – Nelson Mandela

Simamkele Siyamvuyela Gcaza


Civil Society

Organisation / Company

Future Foundation


Simamkele Siyamvuyela Gcaza, 24, works as an office administrator at Iincinga Investments, but she is also the founder and director of the Future Foundation, a nongovernmental organisation she started after working with her friend at the Rising Sun Foundation in Gqeberha . She says through the community work Nelson Mandela Bay municipality, she realised her purpose and desire to do more for her own community. As director of the foundation, she markets the foundation’s key objective and works with board members to ensure the smooth running of the foundation.

She also has to evaluate the foundation’s short-term objectives and long-term goals, while monitoring budgets, resources and procedures by working with cross-functional teams. Some significant challenges she faced while running the foundation are the shortages of funding or financial support, but she has through many efforts ensured the foundation’s sustainability.

Simamkele says she looks forward to what the future holds, and is excited about what young people can bring to the table: they can start businesses, create jobs and drive economic growth, helping address problems such as unemployment and poverty.


Bachelor of Arts Degree majoring in Industrial Psychology and Public Administration, Nelson Mandela University


Running the Future Foundation from the ground up has been my biggest achievement thus far. I learnt that one needs to stick to the plan and not deviate from it. Not everyone is going to support your vision and that’s okay, but it’s important to build a strong team that’s dedicated to helping achieve the foundation’s goals.

From running the projects without stable funds or sponsorships it has been difficult because it meant I had to find financial assistance to ensure the project is a success. I learnt that one needs to network and interact with people because not everyone is aware of the work you are doing, so I had to learn how to create my own exposure.


Lumka Cube is someone who introduced me to this space when she elected me to become a chairperson for her non-government organisation, Rising Sun Foundation, which is based in Gqeberha. We were doing amazing work in Nelson Mandela Bay municipality and it motivated me because I felt like I was living my purpose. She influenced this journey as she believed in me which led me to open my own non-government organisation back home.