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Giving Rwandan refugees a voice

Access to justice for refugees begins with putting their issues on the national agenda

For decades, Malawi welcomed refugees. Then something changed

Citing security concerns, the government gave refugees just 14 days to report to the country’s only refugee camp

D-Day has arrived but refugees still remain in Cape Town’s temporary shelters

The home affairs department’s end game might just be the beginning. A hardcore few are still in one camp and about 600 remain in the second shelter

Backlog Project provides hope for Cape Town refugees, asylum seekers

Many people at the Wingfield site have left to settle locally or be repatriated, but about 360 still insist they want to be resettled in a third country

Short film: Zimbabwe’s queer refugees speak out

When a gay Zimbabwean man fled to South Africa, seeking refuge, he encountered further abuse and homophobia

Burundian refugees in Tanzania face increasing danger

Human Rights Watch has documented cases of Burundian refugees being tortured and forcibly returned by Tanzanian authorities

Refugees the scapegoat of SA’s ills

A girl’s experience tells the story of xenophobia and how it robbed her of a sense of belonging

South Africa excludes refugees and asylum seekers from Covid-19 aid

Despite being protected in South Africa by law, these groups have been swept aside when it comes to relief packages

Refugees safe for now but what about after lockdown?

The City of Cape Town has said in a statement that it is working around the clock to keep vulnerable people safe

Far right uses coronavirus to scapegoat refugees

Europe’s far-right nationalists are closing their borders and using Covid-19 as a guise to deport and deny entry to refugees and asylum seekers

Refugees evicted from Cape Town church just want to leave South Africa

They have been told to go back to their homes in Cape Town, which they left when they moved to the church and its vicinity

Refugees going home to nowhere

Asylum seekers will leave the Cape Town church, but most do not have documents, a situation they blame on the home affairs department

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