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Fear inside the church of refugees

Migrant leader accused of military-style tactics to influence people and push authorities for a chance to leave South Africa

Refugees allegedly assault religious leaders, human rights officials in Cape Town

Religious leaders are helping to mediate an impasse between asylum seekers, the United Nations, and Home Affairs

Cape Town police action against refugees under scrutiny

On Wednesday, police approached the Waldorf Arcade building to evict hundreds of refugees, but the manner in which they did is now being questioned

Refugees in Greece face rising hostility

A new government is getting 'tough' on immigration – but local organisations provide crucial support

Rich nations ‘not helping’ refugees

Conflict in Ethiopia has displaced masses of people, but relief efforts are under-funded

Canada takes refugees who sheltered NSA whistle-blower Snowden

Vanessa Rodel and her daughter arrived in Toronto on Monday night after years of harassment in Hong Kong

Migrants and refugees make a significant contribution

Migrants and refugees also face gross discrimination from the communities they settle in

Groups allege systematic French police brutality against refugees

In a year, police committed 972 human rights violations, says a group of NGOs, as Al Jazeera documents similar abuse

Play about refugees fleeing as relevant today as it was 12 years ago

‘Every Year, Every Day I Am Walking’ has travelled to 25 countries and is back in Cape Town

Ethiopia’s Anuak refugees are wary of returning home

Ethiopia's new prime minister may have to do more to convince thousands of refugees belonging to the Anuak ethnic group to return to their homelands

Algeria abandons 13 000 refugees in the Sahara

An Associated Press report details witness accounts of migrants and refugees from Africa left to die in the Sahara Desert

Rohingya deal aims to repatriate refugees ‘within two years’

A statement by the Bangladeshi government said the agreement aims to return Rohingya "within two years from the commencement of repatriation".

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