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Rohingya refugees to start returning from January

An estimated 655 000 refugees from the stateless group have poured across the border into Bangladesh, fleeing ethnic cleansing.

Refugees in Greece feel like ‘prisoners and hostages’

On Samos Island, some 2,000 asylum seekers are crammed in a refugee centre designed to accommodate only 700 people.

South Africa must not repeat Libya’s mistakes with refugees

South Africa can work hard to be the positive example to lead the way for proper and humane migration management by improving its immigration policies

We can live with refugees in our midst

Assisting displaced people to integrate with their hosts will help build inclusive, resilient cities

Safeguarding child refugees is everyone’s responsibility

Every day an average of 1000 children are fleeing conflict in South Sudan. There are presently 2.6-million refugees in Uganda, Ethiopia and Kenya.

Refugees have an equal right to healthcare

The health department recognises this but not everyone, including asylum seekers, knows this

Uganda offers sanctuary to refugees while global leaders renege on aid promises

2 000 people a day flee conflict in South Sudan, DRC and Somalia, putting pressure on Uganda's resources

Returning refugees happy to be home, despite hardship

"The returnees are also getting extra assistance to help them settle, including $90 worth of food a month from the World Food Programme"

Could this country be among the world’s best for refugees?

Many Ugandans were once refugees themselves. Now, they are 'paying back the good' and making their country one of the best in the world for refugees.

Bringing in new life with Syrian refugees in Lebanon

MSF teams in Lebanon work to ensure healthy pregnancies and safe deliveries for thousands of Syrian refugees fleeing the war across the border.

Women refugees take contraceptives in fear of rape

Refugee women and girls fearing sexual violence are taking matters into their own hands.

Dadaab, Kenya: Return of refugees to Somalia ‘inhumane & irresponsible’

Hundreds of thousands of Somali refugees face a bleak future if the largest refugee camp in the world is closed

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