Sonali Kolhatkar

If high fuel prices are so painful, we should move away from fossil fuels

Not only is it possible to switch to renewables, but it’s also cheaper and would make economies less vulnerable. Yet, bizarrely, politicians and the fossil fuel industry, who are using the war on Ukraine to justify high gas prices, are now calling for more oil to be produced

We should treat all refugees as though they are Ukrainian

Masses of refugees from Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Somalia, Yemen and elsewhere have faced racially motivated hostility in Europe. Ukraine’s refugee crisis is showing Western double standards.

Xiomara Castro’s win in Honduras could address the country’s endemic corruption and violence

After more than a decade of violent repression and undemocratic rule that emerged after the 2009 ouster of Manuel Zelaya, a new leader takes the reins of the Central American nation

Blame the modern economy for US inflation

The prevailing message to Americans from political elites across the spectrum is the same one that Biden spelled out in his speech: “That’s just the nature of a modern economy” and we have to deal with it

How Facebook’s quest for profits is paved on hate and lies

New revelations by a whistleblower prove that the social media platform clearly understands its negative impact on society, but that profits are a greater lure than preserving democracy

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