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Why opposition party solidarity matters in the SADC

There is a need for opposition parties to hold governing parties to account, thus strengthening democracy

SADC-GMI has a vacancy for an Environmental and Social Management specialist (ESMS)

The candidate will provide advice and support to the SADC-GMI and project stakeholders regarding the implementation of the Sustainable Groundwater

What does SADC’s new military approach in Mozambique mean?

What seems to have informed South African Development Community’s new approach is the need to enhance the gains made in controlling the insurgency

Mswati’s hand seen in eSwatini’s removal from SADC agenda

The omission of Eswatini from the SADC agenda may reinforce the belief that Mswati intends to hold the dialogue on his own terms rather than in the interests of the country

SADC needs to form a security alliance

In the light of Africa’s history and in Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, reflecting the East/West divide, the Southern African Development Community must be concerned about security

Develop a SADC regional anti-corruption monitoring and evaluation framework

Brief project titleDevelop a SADC Regional Anti-Corruption Monitoring and Evaluation Framework.Commissioning partyDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbHGIZ Office Gaborone, New CBD, 1st Floor...

Develop indices for measuring perceptions of corruption and anti-corruption efforts in the SADC region

Brief project titleDevelop indices for measuring perceptions of corruption and anti-corruption efforts in the SADC regionCommissioning partyDeutsche Gesellschaft für Internationale Zusammenarbeit (GIZ) GmbHGIZ Office...

Eswatini opposition parties call for the urgent return of SADC troika

Opposition parties have requested that the regional delegation return to the Kingdom within one week and meet all stakeholders under one roof

SADC remains conspicuously silent on vaccines as many continue to die

The SADC states have failed to deliver on their human rights obligations by not securing vaccines

SADC’s silence on access to Covid-19 vaccines is too loud

All people living in Southern Africa need equitable vaccine access. Time is short and our people are dying, so the regional body should act fast

Electric vehicle battery manufacturing: Why SADC needs to act now

All the minerals are here, so a golden opportunity exists if our governments provide incentives

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