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The Limitations of Voluntarism in Human Rights Due Diligence Frameworks: The Shell Case

Institutionalised voluntarism is a compromise that falls short of full international legal liability

Review Huawei P50 Pocket: Does the clamshell form factor hold a pearl?

As its name suggests, it is a pocket friendly folding phone that is easy to carry around.

Shell announces it will exit Russia

The oil giant’s chief executive flagged the consequences of the West’s moves to disentangle itself from Moscow’s energy system

Shell, Mantashe lose bid to appeal Wild Coast seismic survey judgment

‘The government is being taught a lesson,’ says Wild Coast activist of the latest ruling against multinational oil giant Shell

‘Don’t Look Up’ but do look out, here comes Shell

We live in the Earth, not on the Earth, but continuing with an extractive mindset will be the end of us all

‘Times are urgent, let’s slow down’: The groundswell against Shell

Even a country with citizens as fractious and fractured as South Africa is showing signs of unity to save the sea off the Wild Coast.

High court halts Shell’s seismic exploration along Wild Coast

Judge Gerald Bloem sustained the argument from affected local communities that the oil giant had failed to consult and to refute their evidence that it would cause lasting harm to marine life

ANC’s support for Shell is a direct breach of the Freedom Charter

Ignoring the voices of the people they claim to represent, the ANC has veered far from its guiding principles in pursuit of its own financial interest

Wild Coast communities blast Mantashe’s defence of Shell’s seismic survey

Groups opposed to multinational’s offshore search for oil and gas say that the energy minister shows his ignorance by blaming white environmentalists for wanting to ‘protect butterflies’

Shell shareholders support move to the UK

Shell will be the second big firm to depart for London after Unilever last year

Mantashe comments on objections to Shell seismic survey ‘astounding’

Environmental group says the government is continuing to push the country towards a climate change disaster

Shell seismic ops: ‘Our ancestors’ blood was spilt protecting the land and sea’

Communities along the Wild Coast have approached the high court in Makhanda for an urgent interdict to stop Shell from initiating seismic survey operations

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