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Mozambique: Collapse of cotton may unravel fragile social fabric of Cabo Delgado

First came the insurgency. Then the humanitarian crisis. Now the remaining residents of Cabo Delgado are facing economic ruin

Cabo Delgado’s hungry refugees are running out of places to run

Insurgents have moved into villages that used to be safe, forcing people to flee. That instability is driving widespread hunger

Western Union suspends services in Mozambique’s Cabo Delgado

It is now considerably more difficult for Mozambicans in the conflict-hit province to use financial services

Kagame: Rwanda is paying for the Cabo Delgado intervention’

Responding to widespread claims that France is funding Rwandan forces, the president says ‘no one is sponsoring’ his army

Cabo Delgado is a warzone, but profiteers strike it rich

But anger over human rights abuses in the ruby-rich province fuels resentment and insurgency

Reflecting on military operations in Cabo Delgado – webinar

The core issues that caused the conflict must be addressed

A number of countries are offering military support to Mozambique to quell violent extremism in Cabo Delgado

The countries offering training are the SADC, Italy, France, Portugal, Spain and the United States while it appears that Rwanda ‘has plans to deploy’

Lessons from Palma attack: What next for the insurgency in Cabo Delgado?

Mozambique is starting to accept it needs more than private military aid to fight the Islamic State insurgency

A more complex reality in Cabo Delgado

In the Mozambican province wracked by a violent insurgency, the convenient labelling of those rising up against the predatory elite paints a picture that is far from reality

The natural resource curse in Cabo Delgado

A humanitarian crisis looms as a violent insurgency continues to sweep over northern Mozambique. As many flee to safety, the question remains: who, or what, fuels the fire?

Isis is not driving the Cabo Delgado war

Can Frelimo and its backers continue to profit from a failing state while an armed insurgency rages in northern Mozambique? And will South Africa help prop them up?

As conflict in Cabo Delgado increases, will Frelimo learn from its mistakes?

Mozambique’s governing party must take heed of the fact that insurgency succeeds when there is a governance and developmental deficit

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