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/ 25 May 2005

SA has ‘no real plan’ for nuclear waste

In the high-stakes nuclear game, will a radioactive waste-management policy be foisted on an unsuspecting public or will ”transparency, consultation and stakeholder participation” be a reality? A draft policy containing those words remains ungazetted while the government looks at prototype pebble-bed nuclear reactors for commercial use.

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/ 16 February 2001

Nuclear waste poses ‘no threat’

While scientists say that there is no danger to the public from ships carrying nuclear waste, environmentalists are not convinced Fiona Macleod South Africa’s top nuclear scientists say the shipment of nuclear waste that passed by the Western Cape en route to Japan this week poses less of a threat to human health than smoking. […]

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/ 3 March 1995

No government action on nuclear waste ship

As a ship filled with nuclear waste heads for South African waters, environmental groups are concerned by the government’s lack of action, writes Inge Ruigrok DOES silence mean permission? A ship conveying 14 tons of the most concentrated nuclear waste ever transported, including a deadly cargo of bomb-grade plutonium, is likely to sail through South […]