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For tech to be funded, it must improve lives

Whether it was in the use of satellites to monitor the continent’s resources or precision medicine, we need technology to accelerate development.

MPs to get science classes

Political buy-in is vital to science and research, particularly in a constrained economic environment.

Ramaphosa and the science of the spotlight

This year’s Science Forum South Africa had an additional enticement: deputy president and ANC presidential hopeful Cyril Ramaphosa.

​Promoting science for youth ‘a smart choice’

The annual Science Forum is the government’s showcase of continental science and technology.

Science and technology: The key to addressing youth unemployment

Cyril Ramaphosa and Naledi Pandor have a particularly pro-intellectual stance, pushing science and technology as a way to drive economic growth.

We want to promote Africa as a science-intent continent— Naledi Pandor

Science Forum South Africa continues to be the only science forum of its kind for the country and the continent

Only dishonest mental gymnastics can hold up the hypothesis of race ‘science’

Although it is totally discredited, its pervasive influence still colours perceptions because of its long association with empirical validity

Gene editing: Panel approval ushers in new era

We have the technology to edit the human genome, cut out parts of it and insert preprogrammed bits of replacement genome.

Gene-editing: Panel approval ushers in new era

Science is advancing faster than our legislation

Long quest to understand these bodies without identities

Thousands of unidentified bodies pass through South Africa's mortuaries every year. Who are they? How did they end up there?

Science Forum South Africa puts the spotlight on overlooked social sciences

'We should not succumb to the temptations of a post-truth society. Evidence, facts, must remain the yardsticks for progress'

Why have a science forum?

Science Forum South Africa

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