Sarah Wild

At the heart of Eskom’s vast network is a strategic hub that keeps things running

A small group of experts constantly monitors the workings of the system and stays abreast of new developments.

MeerKAT’s astounding hearing is already eavesdropping on the universe

The still infant telescope, which will be a major part of the Square Kilometre Array, is proving to be much more effective than anticipated.

New app for small-scale fishing industry

The new app - known as Abalobi - signals a lifeline for fisherfolk who were marginalised and never had legal rights to fish marine resources.

New telescope MeerLicht to observe transients

The MeerLicht telescope will scour the skies to study transient celestial events. But its link to the MeerKAT radio telescope is what sets it apart.

Citizens called on to monitor dams and rivers

Ordinary South Africans are helping monitor water resources amid worsening shortages under citizen and school programmes.

How dead pigs can help nail killers

Because pig flesh is similar to that of humans, how their corpses decay on land and in the sea can help forensic pathologists.

Scientists caution against dangers of genetic modification

Editing embryos may end up saving lives, but what does it mean for the human gene pool?

How ‘planety’ is Planet Nine?

Evidence of a distant giant planet lurking secretly in our solar system is compelling, according to researchers.

University libraries hard-hit by depreciating rand

Subscriptions to international journals run into the millions and the plummeting rand is "crippling" libraries and holding academics back.

Iceman’s stomach bacteria casts doubt on migratory patterns

Researchers who sequenced the genome of gut bacteria in the world's oldest natural mummy have cast doubt on theories about migration out of Africa.

What to expect from the world of science in 2016

Science continues to shift the boundaries of what we think we know and 2016 will be no exception. Sarah Wild highlights the fields to keep an eye on.

Race, space and sexual diversity

The science highlights that defined 2015.

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