Sarah Wild

Nanotechnology: It pays to sweat the small stuff

A new initiative could see South Africa develop a range of new nanomaterials for local use and export.

Companies beware of ‘toxic’ workers

A Harvard Business School study has found they may be more productive than other employees, but their deviant Machiavellianism can be ruinous.

Climate change: Eight ways to turn before SA burns

South Africa has the means to mitigate climate change. It just needs the will.

SKA gives high-tech firms a boost

The ambitious SKA super-telescope has sparked a burst of speed in locally developed computing, most recently with Skarab processing technology.

Nutritious weed now in noodles

Science backs up what Africans have known for centuries – morogo is a good, healthy food.

SA scientists reconstruct ancient ecosystems

Using Africa’s national parks, scientists have garnered essential information which will help refine their understanding of Earth's climate.

Outlaws in space: Are Mars colonies illegal?

The only known planet inhabited exclusively by robots, Mars may become the only other planet in our solar system colonised by humans.

Presenteeism is the new office plague

You’re not doing your company any favours by coming to work when you’re ill, experts warn.

Massive DNA drive to record all life forms

Scientists are collecting information from all over the world to create an accessible database of Earth's biodiversity.

Drive to decode array of big data

Information on a scale and of a type never seen before calls for a new kind of analysis and research.

When you feed a child, you feed their mind

Most South Africans can't afford nutritious meals and the state is letting school-food schemes down.

Malnutrition rises despite social grants

South Africa's children are bearing the brunt of increasing food prices – and the effects may be permanent.

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