Ansie Vicente

Spend down, impact up

Corporate profit reductions may have led to reduction in overall spend, but individual companies are giving more

Mishka’s story of how playing can change a life

The young girl is developing important skills thanks to her early learning playgroup

Want to build South Africa? Help a young (black) person

Spending CSI monies on children and youth set to deliver best overall results

Why what your charity calls itself is (legally) important

The government remains the single largest source of funding for NPOs

Commit to staying the course

Partnerships deliver better results for funders and beneficiaries, instead of just outsourcing CSI to NGOs

Editor’s note

A slightly left-of field homage to South African women

A Bullet in the Back by Nigel Fox

Fox captures the bitterness about the treatment of Boer women and children in Lord Kitchener’s concentration camps - under his Scorched Earth policy.

Nuclear waste is going nowhere slowly

Generations from now, there will still be no-go areas storing radioactive by-products of nuclear power production.

SA, Russia nuclear agreement not a ‘done deal’

There will still be processes to follow in the bilateral agreement between South Africa and Russia over the procurement of nuclear reactors.

‘For our love of dagga we go to court’

The Dagga Couple feel they owe it to the plant to fight for legislation. They want to make the existing market legal.

Former Sandton mayor Willem Johannes Hefer dies

Willem Hefer brought the Boschendal wine brand to life, but will be remembered for dramatically improving the healthcare of the Alexandra community.

The foundation of health care

The opportunity exists for South Africa to develop its own health promotion foundation, built on the examples from across the world.

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