Parents request hypnotism for paedophile's son

OWN CORRESPONDENT, Pretoria | Wednesday 10.00pm.

THE mothers of two girls who went missing 10 years ago have requested the son of the alleged murderer be subjected to narco-analysis, a form of deep hypnosis, to try to establish the truth of what happened.

Flippie van Rooyen, the son of paedophile Gert van Rooyen, is standing trial for perjury for several conflicting statements he made to police about the disappearance of five teenage girls kidnapped by his father and his father’s lover, Joey Haarhof, between 1988 and 1990.

Flippie Van Rooyen is serving a life sentence for the gruesome rape murder and dismemberment last year of a 16-year-old Zimbabwean girl.

Joan Horn, Odette Boucher, Yolande Wessels, Anne-Marie Wapenaar and Fiona Harvey were positively linked to Gert van Rooyen and Haarhoff. One girl managed to escape from captivity in Gert Van Rooyen’s house but the fate of the other girls remains a mystery. Haarhof and Gert van Rooyen committed suicide as police were about to arrest them in January 1990.

Odette Boucher’s mother, Linette, and Joan Horn’s mother, Ansie, appealed to Van Rooyen’s lawyer, Laurence Barit, to subject his client to narco-analysis, a form of deep hypnosis.
“It is the only way the truth will come out,” Ansie Horn said. “If he does not do this something will be lost because the truth will not come out. I think [Flippie van Rooyen] is not telling the truth.”

Flippie van Rooyen has pleaded not guilty to statutory perjury charges.

He has claimed that the girls were killed during satanic rituals, that their bodies were burnt with acid he stole, and that they were taken to the Middle East.

His claims were dismissed and perjury charges were brought by the Attorney-General’s office earlier this year.

The case has been postponed to Friday when a new trial date will be set.

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