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Mail & Guardian reporter

More than ever before technology has become an integral part of our lives. From

our cellphones to the Internet, from home computing to corporate efficiency,

technology surrounds us and makes our lives work.

The Mail & Guardian will reflect the importance of this growth industry through

high-quality journalism in its rejuvenated weekly technology section, Bits &

Bytes, which will appear on June 8.

It will look at gadget-mad South Africa, significant developments in information

technology, telecommunications, the Internet, personal and handheld computing,

cellular telephony, and the culture of the information revolution.

It will feature top-class writing from the London Guardian’s respected technology section, OnLine, on the latest developments abroad.

And it will carry the best of local tech talent.

The section will be edited by David Shapshak, the M&G’s former technology editor, Internet and print journalist, and a self-confessed gadget-fiend. Shakshak returns to the M&G to cover this all-important global industry with the

paper’s trademark insight and independence.

Contact David Shapshak at or 082 576 1969


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