Sasolburg action group moves to clear the air

A recently constituted environmental action group, the Sasolburg Air Quality Monitoring Committee, is set to fight the air pollution that it alleges oil and chemical group Sasol’s creates in Sasolburg, the organisation said on Thursday.

The committee will be holding its first general meeting on the afternoon of Wednesday, October 15 in Sasolburg.

“It has been more than 50 years since anti-pollution laws have become stricter in developing countries and during that time Sasolburg has become a dustbin of hazardous chemicals industries. Many of us are really suffering from this bad air,” the committee said in a statement.

“It is extremely important that people become aware of the urgent need to maintain a stable and balanced environment as well as to protect it for our future generations,” the committee added.

Sasolburg has a population of 130 000 and Sasol employs about 5 000 people

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