Bob Marley reburial up to family

The decision on whether to rebury reggae legend Bob Marley in Ethiopia is private and depends on his family, an official of the Bob Marley Foundation said on Friday.

On Wednesday, Marley’s widow, Rita, said she is working on taking her late husband’s remains from Jamaica to his “spiritual resting place,” Ethiopia.

She said the reburial will occur after February celebrations in Jamaica and Ethiopia marking Bob Marley’s 60th birthday, and has the support of the Ethiopian Orthodox Church and Ethiopian government officials.

Rita Marley’s remarks provoked angry reactions in Jamaica, with Jamaicans saying the proposed reburial will rob the Caribbean island of its national heritage.

“There is no plan on February 6 to return the remains of brother Bob Marley. Further, this is a private decision that the family will be involved in,” said Desta Meghoo-Peddie, MD of the Bob Marley Foundation.

“Of course, Mrs Marley ... will be the one to help administrate any such decisions but no one is making those plans.
No body is being exhumed as we speak,” she told journalists.

Meghoo-Peddie said Rita Marley will not speak to journalists about Wednesday’s comments.

Ethiopian Orthodox Church and government officials were not immediately available to comment.

Meghoo-Peddie said the furore is diverting attention from month-long celebrations to mark the reggae legend’s 60th birthday.

“We just feel like we just want the attention where it needs to be, which is on this event and helping Africa, helping build Africa, and show Africa in a positive light,” Meghoo-Peddie said.

The festivities aim to raise money to combat poverty in Ethiopia.—Sapa-AP

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