/ 18 September 2007

Runaway lion killed in Mpumalanga

One of the runaway Kruger National Park lions was killed on Monday night after it was found eating a cow, said the Mpumalanga Tourism and Parks Agency.

Spokesperson Jimmy Masombuka said the agency received a tip-off on Monday evening about the whereabouts of the lion and surrounded the area.

On Friday, four or five lions escaped through a fence in the Kruger National Park.

The lion found on Monday night had to be killed for safety reasons, said Masombuka.

” … Because its already tasted the cow, then it’s going to be a problem and a danger to the livestock,” he said.

On Saturday, one of the runaway lions was killed when it was run over by a train.

Masombuka said the lions were much more active during the night and that it was difficult to track them.

”They can smell you at a distance and they hide themselves very quickly,” he said.

Masombuka said the agency would not stop or rest until they had found the remaining lions.

He said the lions appeared to be in the vicinity of the town of Emdlankomo in the Nelspruit area. – Sapa