/ 4 December 2007

Radio Orania gets green light from Icasa

The predominantly Afrikaner settlement of Orania in the Northern Cape has been granted a community broadcast licence.

Radio Orania has been notified by the Independent Communications Authority of South Africa (Icasa) that its application submitted in October last year was successful, Orania Movement spokesperson Eleanor Lombard said on Tuesday.

The licence is valid from December 1 this year to November 30 2011, after which the community can apply for an extension. Radio Orania will broadcast on 95,5 MHz.

”Icasa sets a high standard for awarding a broadcasting licence and the community of Orania takes pride in their success to conform to it,” she said.

In terms of the licence conditions, Radio Orania has six months to start broadcasting. Fund-raising to buy equipment, furnish studios and train staff will begin immediately.

Residents are excited by the challenge to establish a radio station, which is an important step towards Orania’s self-sufficiency. Orania already operates its own community bank, a local ”currency”, municipal services and cultural symbols.

”As an example of a community that takes responsibility for its own development, its own radio station will be an important empowering instrument,” Lombard said. — Sapa