/ 14 April 2008

Wanted: Women engineers

Engineers in South Africa are an endangered species. Latest labour department figures show that the skills shortage in the industry had surpassed the 10 000 mark by the end of last year.

South African Women in Engineering (SAWomEng) aims to turn things around and has set their sights on attracting and keeping women in the profession.

A non-profit, student-run body founded at the University of Cape Town, SAWomEng’s mission is to act as an anchor and support base for young female students of all backgrounds and engineering disciplines.

The organisation seeks to identify the brightest female minds in engineering and provide them with the crucial skills necessary to succeed in the South African engineering industry.

SAWomEng aims to remind students about the groundbreaking work being done in the engineering industry and to prevent the migration of students from engineering into other industries.

During its 2nd National Conference to be held in June, the organisation will be creating an environment where female engineering students can engage and network with their peers, established engineers and engineering companies.

SAWomEng believes that by creating an opportunity for companies to market themselves and inviting industry leaders to share their experiences, it can ”reignite the flame”. Students can get excited about their choice of study, and have a window into their field of engineering.

Applications for the 2nd National Conference have now opened and close on April 20 2008. Applicants are invited to apply online at: www.sawomeng.org.za