/ 14 January 2009

Trevor calls for more tax tips

The finance ministry has again invited members of the public to send their suggestions on what they would like to see included in the country’s Budget.

The annual Tips for Trevor campaign is run throughout the year and provides a platform for the public to engage with Finance Minister Trevor Manuel on issues related to the economy that affect their lives.

Tips received since the last Budget speech ranged from ideas on job creation and the child support grant to the introduction of an annual licence fee for cyclists, and many more, the ministry said on Wednesday.

The campaign was launched in 2001 and the ministry has received increasing numbers of tips each year, it added.

Since the 2008 Budget speech, over 500 tips covering tax, macro-economic policy, social and general issues had been received.

”The minister reads all tips and makes mention of some of the more memorable ones during his Budget speech,” the ministry said.

Manuel is scheduled to deliver his 2009 Budget speech in the National Assembly on February 11.
Tips for Trevor can be sent to www.treasury.gov.za/tipsfortrevor.asp or by fax to 012 315 5126. — Sapa