Child witnesses testify again in Advocate Barbie case

Two child witnesses testified for the second time against Cezanne Visser, or “Advocate Barbie”, in the Pretoria High Court on Wednesday.

The two girls were 11 and 14 years old when Visser and her former boyfriend Dirk Prinsloo allegedly sexually molested them.

The prosecution decided to recall the girls as witnesses after Visser made it clear that she disputed their evidence.

Both girls on Wednesday testified behind closed doors.

The state alleges that Visser and Prinsloo had in 2002 fetched the 11-year-old girl from a children’s home, pretending they were married.

They allegedly indecently assaulted the girl by exposing themselves to her, showing pornographic material to her and having sex in front of her.

She was allegedly also forced to walk around naked in front of them.

It is further alleged that Visser had stimulated herself with a vibrator in front of the child—allegations Visser had denied.

The state alleges that Visser and Prinsloo had drugged the other girl while she was spending her 14th birthday with them.

It is alleged that Visser had molested the girl while Prinsloo took a photograph of the deed and that Prinsloo had then raped the girl in front of Visser.

Visser denied every single aspect of the girl’s evidence during her initial trial.

Prinsloo disappeared without a trace while on a trip to Russia in 2006 and Visser’s trial had to start afresh after the initial trial judge died in 2007.

Visser has made several admissions about evidence already presented in the trial, as well as pornographic and other material confiscated by police during a raid at Prinsloo’s house in 2002.

She denied guilt on 14 charges, ranging from fraud and soliciting minors to commit indecent acts to indecent assault, rape and manufacturing child pornography.

She claimed to have been under Prinsloo’s control to such an extent that she “had no will of her own” while the alleged crimes were committed and could not be held responsible for her actions.

The trial will continue on Thursday, when a former personal assistant of Prinsloo, Lorie Pieters, will take the stand again.

Pieters earlier testified that she had resigned from her job after “things became weird” and Prinsloo gave her skimpy see-through lingerie as a birthday present.—Sapa


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