Zille challenges Cope to speak out on coalition

Democratic Alliance (DA) leader Helen Zille has challenged the Congress of the People (Cope) to say whether it plans to enter into a coalition with the African National Congress (ANC) after the April 22 elections.

Those voting for Cope might see their vote delivered to the ANC, she warned in her weekly newsletter, published on the DA’s SA Today website on Friday.

“At the moment, Cope is unfortunately beginning to look more and more like the ANC. It appears to have more or less the same flavour as the ANC. It is ‘Coke Light’ to the ANC’s ‘Coke Zero’.”

Zille noted Cope’s presidential candidate, Mvume Dandala, had not completely ruled out a coalition with the ANC.

“I do believe there is a possibility that Cope may form a coalition with the ANC ...
Reverend Dandala’s statement about going into coalition
lends credence to that belief, as does his general attitude towards the ANC.”

Dandala was unwilling to confront or criticise the leadership of the ANC.

“In particular, he has no problem with the ANC fielding Jacob Zuma as its presidential candidate, despite the fact that he is an accused in an ongoing criminal trial involving 783 counts of corruption.

“Dandala has refused to comment on Zuma’s suitability for the highest office, side-stepping the question by saying: ‘I would like to leave that to the people of South Africa to decide’.”

This approach appeared to leave the door open for a coalition with the ANC.

“It also explains why Dandala was nominated as Cope’s presidential candidate and not its leader, Mosiuoa Lekota.

“Given Lekota’s bitter estrangement from the ruling clique in the ANC, Cope realises that he is the wrong man to take Cope into a coalition with the ANC,” Zille said.

Voters had a right to know whether they were voting for an alternative to the ANC, or simply a vehicle that would deliver their vote to the ANC.

“My challenge to Dandala and the Cope leadership is this: Come out and tell the voting public where you stand. Will you go into a coalition with the ANC or not?” Zille said.—Sapa

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