/ 21 April 2009

ANC Youth League wants Nando’s adverts removed

The African National Congress Youth League (ANCYL) on Tuesday called for the immediate withdrawal of the ”disgusting” Nando’s television and radio advertisements.

The league said the advertisements used ”cheap satire” to undermine electoral politics in South Africa.

”We are fully aware that the advertisement is intended at mocking the president of the ANCYL, and in a racist fashion portrays political leaders as cartoons.”

The television adverts feature a puppet named Julius — which could be a reference to ANCYL leader Julius Malema — who demands ”change”.

The league said it has commissioned its lawyers to investigate.

”While awaiting the legal advice, the ANCYL instructs the Nando’s Company and those who did the advertisement to promptly withdraw the advert from all television screens and radio channels.

”If Nando’s does not withdraw the adverts, the ANCYL will mobilise the people of South Africa to take militant action against Nando’s and anything associated with Nando’s.”

Nando’s marketing manager Sylvester Chauke said Nando’s went with the political theme because ”it is what is happening in the country at the moment”.

”Our advertisements are not a stab at Julius Malema at all. What is it that Nando’s said in the advert that is negative about him?… If only I could have an answer to that.” — Sapa