/ 18 August 2010

Sudan to oust aid workers

Sudan To Oust Aid Workers

Sudan says it will expel a number of international aid workers from the restive western region of Darfur, without specifying how many.

Local media reported earlier this week that six foreign staffers, including employees of the International Committee of the Red Cross, had been told to leave the country.

Foreign Ministry spokesperson, Muwaia Khaled said on Wednesday that the aid workers were being deported because of individual “violations”, not problems with their organizations.

He did not elaborate on the nature of the offenses.

Relations between aid groups and the Sudanese government have been deteriorating since March 2009, when 11 international organizations were expelled from the country.

Ambitious plans
Meanwhile the government of Southern Sudan says they have a $10,1-billion plan to transform the capital cities of Southern Sudan — some of them into the shape of animals.

The announcement comes ahead of a scheduled January referendum on independence that is widely expected to pass. The proposal unveiled Tuesday would redesign the southern capital of Juba and the 10 state capitals.

Southern officials hope to model each regional capital after the flag of each state, including “Giraffe City” and “Pineapple City”.

A new area outside of Juba would be made in the shape of a rhino, he said.

Government officials didn’t explain how they would pay for the ambitious plans.

The referendum would split Sudan’s oil-rich south from the north. — Sapa