/ 2 December 2010

In this week’s M&G

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  • The arms deal and the home loan: how Fana Hlongwane helped Siphiwe Nyanda score his R4-million Bryanston home with cash from the arms deal.
  • Making a killing: Menzi Simelane and the quashing of the arms-deal investigation that keeps on giving.
  • Face-off: Vavi, Blade and Gwede go head-to-head in the battle over the soul of the alliance.
  • Tortured: The high-profile honeymoon murder saga has the gunmen crying foul with allegations of police torture in custody while lawyers brawl over touting in court.
  • Lindiwe lashes out: The M&G‘s Q&A with Lindiwe Sisulu.
  • You see, they actually are bloody agents: Zanu-PF and Mugabe’s WikiLeaks godsend.
  • The Museveni rap: Uganda’s Yoweri Museveni reaches out to the youth with hip hop.
  • Be afraid, be very afraid — especially if you are Zimbabwean without papers. With the December 31 deadline looming large, anxiety over the deadline is reaching fever pitch on both sides of the border.
  • A country of rapists: What is it about the national psyche that allows our rape statistics to be one of the highest in the world?
  • Busted: Greenpeace sues Sasol over spying allegations.
  • Summer Sounds: The M&G’s annual summer music special goes proudly South African.
  • Die Antwoord eats the apple: The zef masters do New York. And do it well.
  • Drink up: Tim James on the Swartland revolution.
  • Nikiwe Bikitsha weighs in on how Waity Katy got her man.