Zille: Zuma's speech shows a party divided

President Jacob Zuma’s speech at the ANC’s 99th anniversary in Polokwane on Saturday reflects an organisation deeply divided, DA leader Helen Zille said.

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  • “President Zuma’s speech reflects the delusion, division and ideological backwardness that characterise the ANC today.”

    Crowds of ANC supporters braved the rain to attend the ANC’s 99th birthday rally at Peter Mokaba stadium in Polokwane on Saturday. Despite heavy downpours, the sun came out and celebrations were in full swing as the birthday cake was cut and champagne enjoyed on stage.

    “Denial of South Africa’s reality, as part of a competitive global economy, as well as the closed, crony control of the dominant clique of the ruling party, will prevent our country from fulfilling its great potential, she said.

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    Zille said Zuma’s repeated commitment to Marxist ideology undermined his stated aim of job creation through meaningful economic transformation and his policy programme led to economic decline and mass impoverishment.

    ‘Alarm bells’
    “This is the disturbingly anti-democratic thread that runs through President Zuma’s speech from start to finish, and should ring loud alarm bells for all South Africans.”

    In his speech on Saturday Zuma recommitted the ANC to cadre deployment in the media, in tertiary institutions and in key strategic positions in the state as well as the private sector.

    “Administration across all three spheres of government where the ANC governs has been profoundly weakened by cadre deployment,” Zille said.

    “Cadre deployment poses a grave risk to independent institutions, and indeed our constitutional order itself.”

    The opposition leader also opposed Zuma’s comments indicating that foreign ownership of land would be outlawed and ANC Youth League president Julius Malema’s call for nationalisation as the key economic mechanism for fighting poverty.

    However, Zille said the DA welcomed the Zuma’s proposal to convert loans to bursaries for poor students that succeeded against the odds. - Sapa

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