/ 25 February 2011

Fast cars, music of the ’90s and travel

Fast Cars

I think a lot of people might not know that I still do a lot of deejaying. I am so in love with the music of the Nineties. At a party I will mix your old house music with kwaito flavour — for example, I will play a Louie Vega song next to i straight lendaba by Brenda Fassie.

You won’t find me playing in the popular Jo’burg clubs, I really don’t like them. I love playing in townships, especially in the pubs and buy & braai places, and it is here where you meet real people who are down to earth, people who really know how to have fun.

I listen to all types of music; you will find me listening to Mafikizolo and in the same breath listening to U2, Billy Joel. I just got the new Neo CD. That’s what I try to teach my kids, to listen as much as possible to all genres. I am currently listening to Trina Broussard — I like the soulful effect it has.

I also like some songs by the group Durban Finest and Umlilo by Big Nuz. I cannot stand smooth jazz, the Kenny G music. It just puts me to sleep.

Car racing is one of my favourite sports, though I don’t do it often anymore. It’s another outlet where it’s a break from the norm of the usual stuff. What is exciting is donning those car-racing suits, the boots and the helmet, and going at a speed that is not legally allowed.

I am into go-carting because my son really loves it, so I made a promise to do it some weekends if I am not busy. I don’t do much reading. My girlfriend loves reading aloud to me and sometimes I don’t have a choice. She is currently reading Eat, Pray, Love. I know that book from back to front without even reading it.

I read a lot of Steve Biko’s books: my favourite is I Write What I Like. I don’t like novels; I find the writing too long and I just want to get to the point.

I was never into travel until six years ago. I love Zanzibar and Tunisia, but what was more interesting was Mozambique. There is a place called Bellini — I love the turquoise water and the white sand. What is more fun is that you can walk into the sea. I just enjoy the serenity of the place. I need to do more travelling in Africa.

I am always intrigued by the young people I am close to, especially my children. Whether they say things that are ill-informed, some are profound and some are just random statements, but they always leave me saying wow. They bring freshness to my ideas.

My arrest following the protest I did against the defacing of the flag doesn’t make me a hero as everyone makes me out to be. It was one thing that happened and I really think it has given me a different direction and the more different and profound the direction my career takes, the longer traction I have in going on and on.

Bob Mabena hosts the breakfast show on Kaya Fm